Ready to Buy a Poultry Farm?

We built the largest network of poultry farm owners in America. 

American Poultry Company maintains a list of every single poultry farmer in America. Most farms sell privately utilizing our list of confidential farms. We have the unique ability to call on our list of confidential farms that are not publicly available throughout Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, & Missouri. If you are interested in buying a farm, look no further. 



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Why use a Poultry Broker to buy a farm?

The many benefits of having an expert on your side

When it comes to buying an operating poultry farm, a whole team of professionals will typically be involved and managed by the Poultry Farm Broker during the process. So, what does a Poultry Farm Broker do in the first place? 

As a Poultry Farm Brokerage, we can tell you no two deals are alike, but there are enough similarities that if you negotiate 10 to 50 of them a year, you know the pitfalls and how to overcome them. In general a Poultry Farm Broker is paid a percentage of the sales price to represent the buyer and keep them from making mistakes that can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars on an average transaction. You many not need a Poultry Farm Broker if you know the answer to the following top 10 questions:​

  1. A​re you comfortable negotiating a multi-million dollar transaction?

  2. How much earnest money do I put down and how do I legally enforce my contract to keep from losing it to the seller?

  3. What amortization should I use to project the farm's cash-flow in order to verify I'm not overpaying?

  4. What age farm should I purchase to gain equity and not lose?

  5. Should I use a poultry bank, SBA, FSA, or the secondary market?

  6. What upgrades are required and who typically pays for them?

  7. Should I purchase all of the equipment under a different contract and how does this effect my taxes and basis?

  8. As apposed to the physical age of the farm, what equipment has been replaced, was it replaced correctly, and what is it's value?

  9. Does the farm comply with integrator, Department of Environmental Quality, and other required regulations in order to grow poultry?

  10. If during the purchase my title opinion has an encroachment or boundary line dispute what are my options?

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Working without a broker is the same as representing yourself in court without an attorney. You can do it successfully if you have the experience. When buying direct from farmers, it will be assumed that you can look after yourself in a market with hundreds of costly pitfalls. We guarantee you will be glad you are working with a poultry broker after you view the first contract! At American Poultry Company we earn our keep by providing value far exceeding our cost. 

Steps to Farm Purchase


find a farm

Our team will find the perfect farm that fits your family, lifestyle, and financing. If we don't have it listed, we'll find it for you.



There are numerous lending institutions available for different types of farms. We will introduce you and walk you through every phase of the process.


poultry pro

Every farm viewing is conducted with a poultry equipment specialist. They walk the farm with you, and answer any equipment questions before you consider an offer.



Our sales team will walk you through each step in the closing process. We will be with you from  contracting the farm to receiving your first flock of birds.