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Searching for the right farm?

Call today to learn why our buyers become repeat customers and life-long friends.

Our focus and dedication to our customer's needs is what sets us apart from the typical brokerage company. 

Not only do we help guide buyers through the process of buying a farm,  we guide you through the entire process from "rice hulls to retirement." 


Why you need an expert:

When it comes to buying an operating poultry farm, our whole team of professionals will be involved in finding, financially validating, and managing the real estate sales process for you every step of the way. As a poultry farm brokerage, we can tell you that no two transactions are alike. However, we negotiate 50+ transactions a year and can quickly identify the financial pitfalls, helping you to avoid them.

Our goal is to find you the right farm and represent your best interest in the farm purchase. Our team will guide you every step of the way, navigating the costly mistakes that could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars on an average transaction.

Our job is to guide you through transaction details such as:

  1. Negotiating the purchase of multi-million dollar transactions. 

  2. Use appropriate amortization in projecting the farm's cash-flow to validate the farm's value.

  3. Help you select the right farm in order to gain equity and not lose value.

  4. Explain your banking options, including poultry banks, SBA, FSA, and traditional lending.

  5. Define the farm's required upgrades and negotiate on your behalf.

  6. Structure contracts and work with your CPA or financial advisor to best fit your personal tax and basis situation, especially when involving 1031 transactions.

  7. Check the farm's compliance with your integrator, state regulators, environmental permitting, and other required regulations in order to maintain a valid grower's contract.

  8. Maintain control of the real estate contract from offer to closing.


We guarantee you will be glad you are working with American Poultry Company after your first consultation! Our team of professionals know the poultry market better than any other brokerage and have a far greater farm network than anyone in the business. 

Our Farm Network
We are in contact with these farmers constantly and can easily search through our network to find you an instant farm match!

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