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#APC_FarmLife Photo Contest

American Poultry Company is sponsoring each edition of American Poultry Farmer magazine's photo contest. 


Contestants are asked to submit images of life on a poultry farm showcasing people, families, or companies actively involved in poultry farming and related poultry farming lifestyles.  

Themed photos could include:

  • Family working the farm together

  • Landscape photos of farming operation

  • Companies or contractors performing farm work

  • Funny or interesting farming photos

1st place winner will receive $500 and be highlighted in the upcoming edition of American Poultry Farmer magazine.

2nd - 10th place winners will also be published in the next edition of American Poultry Farmer magazine.



Register using the form below.



Post your photo or photos on Facebook and:

1. Tag @AmericanPoultryCompany

2. Comment #APC_FarmLife on the photo



A winner for the $500 prize and up to 10 contestants will be chosen to be published in American Poultry Farmer magazine. 

Contest Submission
Once submitted, a confirmation email will be provided confirming your entry into the #APC_FarmLife Photo Contest.

Thanks for submitting! Please check your email.

By submitting a photograph to this competition you:
1. Declare that you own the copyright of the photograph and that it is your original work (or submitted with permission).
2. Declare that you have permission to use the visual image of any identifiable individual or building in the photograph for entry into the competition and that the image may be published as stipulated in the photo contest rules.
3. Agree that receiving party will not be responsible for the infringement of any third party rights in the photograph, moral or otherwise, that may arise as a result of your actions or omissions and that you indemnify receiving party against all legal fees, claims, damages and other expenses that may be incurred as a result of your breach of the contest rules.
4. Grant reproduction rights for receiving party use and in doing so agree that receiving party can
use your photograph for the purposes of the competition and also for future reproduction on websites and literature and other materials at receiving party’s discretion (photographs will be credited where appropriate).

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Contest Ends May 15 2021!
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Submitting photos for the contest is easy. Watch the video to learn how!

Poultry Contest

Poultry Contest

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