Feed Bin Monitoring Technology

Technology has infiltrated many aspects of our lives in hopes of making life easier. The poultry industry is no stranger to technology but have you heard of some of the newest things that may be coming to a farm near you?

Our friends at BinMeasure are making managing your farm even easier with their state of the art phone app and sensors that track your feed bin readings. Give them a call today and tell them American Poultry Company sent you for a discount on your first year of monitoring!

Ready to stop climbing and start clicking with BinMeasure™

Are you ready to stop climbing your feed bins ? Using our proprietary software & equipment, BinMeasure™ can deliver your feed bin readings to your phone!
Our product uses on-board cellular technology to send readings from your feed bin directly to your phone. Feed readings, history, and trends, are just a few of our capabilities here at BinMeasure™.
Available at Georgia Poultry for $437.50 per bin.

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