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Pleasant Plains
Farm Description:

Eight house broiler farm on 90 acres with equipment and 3bed/2bth mobile home constructed in 1999 included. The farm is in excellent condition and has an annual gross income of $650,000 with a Peco Farms contract. Houses are 50x550s built in 2016 and 2018. Poultry houses are solid wall construction and include; Rotem Platinum Plus computer systems, Lubing water lines, Cumberland feeders, with water supplied by six wells, with community water available. Additional outbuildings include two compost sheds and a 40x70 stack shed. Site consists of ninety acres of openland with two ponds. Farm equipment includes a John Deere 55hp tractor and a Lewis Bros DB4 decaker. Multiple improvements to the farm that make the day-to-day operation more efficient, including but not limited to; houses capable of front or full house brood, VFD water pumps for constant water pressure, poultry houses have five foot extended porches, turbo feeders in all houses, and full circle Chicken Reaper in all houses. Call today for additional details.

Farm Details:
Farm #:
Additional Details:
Year Built: 4-2016 & 4-2018
Farm Type:
Peco Contracted
List Price:
Independence County AR
Number of Houses:
Pleasant Plains
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