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Renewable Energy Grant Increased to 50%

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Renewable Energy Grant

Increased to 50% of project cost through September 30, 2024 with a maximum grant amount of $1,000,000. After September 30, 2024 the grant amount will be reduced to 25%. The 50% Grant is paid directly to the farmer once the system is up and running for at least 30 days. Ag Solar Solutions employs in-house grant writers, thereby eliminating the burden for the poultry farmer to write the grant themselves or pay another entity to write and submit the grant on their behalf. 

Energy Efficiency Grant

The Energy Efficiency Grant is 50% of the project's cost, with a maximum grant amount of $500,000. These projects require an energy audit to prove increased energy efficiency of added insulation, LED lighting replacement, installing energy efficient motors, etc. If a poultry farmer meets the criteria, they can apply for, and receive, both grants in the same year.


Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) 
The ITC has been raised from 26% back to 30% and will remain at 30% through 2032. For any project started in or after 2023, any unused portion of the ITC can be carried back for three (3) years and forward for 22 years. With the 30% ITC, the farmer can depreciate 85% of the project's cost. For maximum effect, the farmer's accountant/tax preparer must determine the method of depreciation used. 

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Solar Example Projects

These are actual examples Ag Solar Solutions has installed. Both poultry farmers, by taking full advantage of the incentives, paid for their system in less than one year. Designs aim to reduce the farmer's dependency on the grid by 65%-90%.

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Ag Solar Solutions is the leading photovoltaic installer for the poultry industry in the US. They are a division of Lattice Energy Solutions LLC, a full-service renewable energy company located in Hinesville, Georgia. Although located in Georgia, they have a nationwide footprint in over 20 states. Their design engineer is NABCEP certified and has over 25 years of experience in the renewable energy industry. 

The team at Ag Solar Solutions is available anytime to help answer your questions.


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