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Poultry Farm Business Brokerage

Most poultry farms sell privately. Our brokerage can show you farms before they're publicly available.

Greg Gibson
Chief Marketing Officer


 Our team has one focus, and we dedicate all our talents and energy to doing that job extremely well every single day.​

Neel Gibson
Chief Executive Officer, 

Kimberly Stevenson
Chief Operating Officer, Associate Broker


Why Choose American Poultry Company?

American Poultry Company is a brokerage that specializes in helping clients buy and sell poultry farms. In fact, we don't broker any other type of real estate. Due to our singular focus on poultry farming, we can provide expert level service that is simply unmatched in the poultry industry.


We created the largest network of poultry farm owners in America. 

American Poultry Company maintains a list of every poultry farmer in America. Due to our network size, we have the unique ability to sort through thousands of farms searching for a fit for a buyer's criteria. Our company strives to keep in contact with each and every farmer, not only the ones interested in selling their farming operation.  Below you will find our interactive map of poultry farms in Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, Arkansas, Alabama, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Iowa, where we are currently licensed to broker farms. 

Interactive Farm Map:

Farm location data contained in the interactive map is the intellectual property of American Poultry Company, Inc. Data may not be scraped, reproduced, downloaded, or duplicated without explicit permission. Location data herein is proprietary, and therefore has been list seeded with additional location data to detect theft. 

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More than just another real estate broker

At American Poultry Company, we believe in bringing value to our clients both before and after the sale of a farm. To better serve our community, we consistently produce content such as Market Snapshots, Calenders, Magazines, and other materials addressing news and changes impacting today's poultry industry. As a farm brokerage, we have a unique view of poultry farming. Our average year puts us in contact with hundreds of farmers all over our great country, and we discover what makes farming more efficient for each of them. Our goal is to share the stories and information we encounter with our farmers, helping improve the industry from a farmer's perspective. 

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Distributed to over 16,000 poultry farmers across the USA!

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