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Most Poultry Farms sell privately. Our Brokerage can show you farms before they're publicly available.

Why Choose American Poultry Company?

American Poultry Company is a real estate brokerage that only sells commercial poultry farms. If you want to sell or buy a chicken farm in LA, AR, MS, AL or GA, American Poultry Company is the industry leader.  We are a different company than you'd expect to find as a nationwide brokerage. American Poultry is a small-town company, with a national footprint, specializing in the brokerage of poultry farms across America. Due to our singular focus on poultry farming, we are able to provide expert level service that is unmatched in the poultry industry.


Greg Gibson

Chief Marketing Officer


 Our team only has one job to do, and we dedicate all of our talents and energy to doing that job extremely well every single day.​


Neel Gibson

Chief Executive Officer, Broker


Kimberly Stevenson

Chief Operating Officer, Agent

We built the largest network of poultry farm owners in America. 

American Poultry Company maintains a list of every single poultry farmer in America. Most farms sell privately utilizing our list of confidential farms. We have the unique ability to call on our list of confidential farms that are not publicly available throughout Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia. If you are interested in buying a farm, look no further. 601-300-5320


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