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American Poultry Company is a real estate brokerage that only sells commercial poultry farms. We are a very different company than you'd expect to find as a nationwide brokerage. APC is a small-town company, with a national footprint, that specializes in the brokerage of poultry farms across America. Due to our singular focus on poultry farming, we are able to provide expert level service on a personal level that is unmatched in the poultry industry. Our team only has one job to do, and we dedicate all of our talents and energy to doing that job extremely well every single day.​

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Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness

Poultry Farming isn't just a job, its a way of life.

There is no profession more noble than growing the food that will feed America's children. Farming is not only a job, it's a way of life that aligns you and your family with values passed down by our fathers.

Farming is not for everyone; there are long hours, hard work, attention to details, and a night shift every 8 weeks when the catch crew arrives to catch the chickens. However, farming does have its upside; you get to be home with your family, the freedom of being your own boss, and the ability to pursue happiness as an American farmer. 

If this way of life sounds like what you have been missing, give us a call and let us help you become an American Poultry Farmer.

Poultry News and Information

We built the largest network of poultry farm owners in America. 

American Poultry has the largest network of poultry farmers in America. We maintain a database of  every single poultry farmer in America. If you are searching through our listings and don't find a property that fits your needs, our staff will call every farmer that fits your search criteria until we find the right farm for you. If you are interested in buying a farm, look no further. Give American Poultry Company a call today!

Small Town Company with National Footprint.

American Poultry Company has a presence in every major poultry market in the United States.

Our team only has one job to do, and we  dedicate ALL of our talents and energy to doing that job extremely well every single day.

Our core staff of retired farmers will assist you in making the best choice for you and your family.

Currently Licensed Real Estate Brokers in Mississippi, Georgia, Arkansas, & Alabama.

More states coming soon!

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Although American Poultry does not offer financing or lend internally, we do have relationships with different institutions that have products available for our different age poultry farms.  We work with lenders, both locally and nationally, that we can connect you with and most appropriately match to your financing needs. Our network of national lending professionals are able to offer many financing options.

Licensed Real Estate Brokers in Mississippi, Georgia, Arkansas, & Alabama

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