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Considering Selling Your Farm?

Call today to learn why farmers trust American Poultry Company more than any other brokerage.

Poultry farm marketing is our Expertise.
Helping farmers is our Passion.

Having grown up farming, we understand at a deep level the financial, emotional, and spiritual considerations involved in exploring the possibility of selling your farming operation.


Any real estate agent can list your farm;
why call American Poultry Company?

We analyze hundreds of farms a year. Our market expertise in pricing and advertising strategies is unmatched.  

All of our advertising is focused on poultry. We keep an average of 80+ bank approved buyers looking for farms at all times. Let us check if your farm is an instant match to our current buyer list.

Due to our focused approach and experience, we can help shield you from costly mistakes while maximizing sales potential. 

What happens when you invest all your efforts in poultry farm marketing?

We produce our own magazine and deliver it to 10's of thousands of buyers and sellers every year.

We mail over 100,000 post cards and market reports, per year, keeping buyers and sellers informed of market demands and conditions. 

We trigger over 14,000,000 digital ads per year, keeping your property in front of buyers. 

We have an average of 80+ bank approved buyers at all times looking for poultry farms!


Confidential Farm Evaluation

Call today for a no cost farm assessment to aid in your decision. 
No sales pressure, just an honest conversation about your options, current market timing, and sales potential. 

Ready to Get Started?

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