Small Town Company with National Footprint.

Unlike other large scale real estate businesses, American Poultry Company doesn't have a suit and tie office culture. Instead, located in a remodeled 1900s Ford Motor Car assembly plant in a quaint Mississippi town, you will find a small staff with a national book of business.

Brothers Neel and Greg Gibson didn't start their professional careers in the commercial poultry business. Neel’s background is in real estate investment and private equity. Greg’s background is in management consulting and digital marketing. It wasn't until a mutual friend of theirs, Brett Hicks, decided to sell his poultry operation, that they considered the idea of partnering up and starting a singular focused real estate brokerage that only sells poultry farms. As their business, Mississippi Poultry, took off beyond the boundaries of their native state, it took on a new name befitting its broader geographic range; American Poultry Company.

Most real estate brokers have a business model that sells multiple property types; timberland, apartments, ranches, homes, hunting properties, retail buildings, and many others. Unfortunately, that type of real estate brokerage must divide it’s time, talents, and advertising among each property type.


American Poultry Company worked their way to the top, as an industry leader, by taking a very different approach to brokerage. They devote all of their team’s energy behind a singular task, brokering poultry farms between buyers and sellers.


With insight gained from our agent's personal experience as contract growers, American Poultry Company understands the poultry business and it's life cycle. Leveraging an understanding of poultry farm construction, equipment upgrades, and their associated impact to the farm’s value, truly sets us apart from our competitors.

By only selling poultry operations, American Poultry Company is able to provide a level of service that is simply unmatched. 


Due to this singular focus, ​American Poultry Company is able to concentrate every single advertising dollar to selling poultry operations.  If your needs are poultry related and in the United States, call American Poultry Company. We know the market! 601-300-5320

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Licensed Real Estate Brokers in Mississippi, Georgia, Arkansas, & Alabama

American Poultry Company, LLC

- 215 State Street, McComb, MS 39648

(601) 300-5320  

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