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Brothers and business partners, make the move from private equity to poultry farms.

Our Story

Brothers, Greg and Neel Gibson, didn’t start their professional careers in the commercial poultry sales business. The brothers operated a private equity company before deciding to return to agriculture. The Gibson, who grew up farming, decided it was time to trade the boardroom for boots.


It wasn’t until a mutual friend needed help selling his farm that they considered starting a brokerage business that focuses exclusively on poultry farm sales. Leveraging Neel’s experience in commercial sales and Greg’s in marketing and consulting, American Poultry has grown into a national brand rivaled by none.


While other brokerages divide their time offering on various property types for sale, American Poultry Company focuses all its resources on the sale of poultry farms. This allows American Poultry Company to out-market and out-perform its competitors. 

American Poultry Company worked their way to the top, as an industry leader, by taking a very different approach to brokerage. They devote all of their team’s energy behind a singular task, brokering poultry farms between buyers and sellers.

Neel Gibson

Chief Executive Officer, 

Phone: 601-228-5506


"A dream does not become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work."   

Colin Powell, former U.S. Defense Secretary

Neel has more than a decade of experience working in real estate private equity and a proven track record of successfully helping organizations place investments into the market.

Neel has raised investment capital, sold companies, and bought companies. He has experience in a number of industry verticals ranging from farm land to multifamily investments. Due to his rich background of experience, he brings to the company a fresh approach that delivers truly exceptional results.


Neel's business philosophy is simple: "Understand the real business you're in and know there is no magic, only hard work and experience." When we serve our clients with this type of dedication we really can move mountains. 

Greg Gibson

Chief Marketing Officer

Phone: 601-258-9857

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

Peter Drucker


Greg has been advising, mentoring, and investing in companies and real estate for over 25 years. The company relies on his extensive knowledge of marketing, software development, and company guidance. Greg has performed on numerous projects in various market segments and brings to bear a deep understanding of business valuation, analysis, and management. Greg is passionate about innovative, industry-changing technologies and out-of-the-box business strategies that have the potential to spin off into high growth companies or services.

Greg truly is an entrepreneur. His love for the game, wins and failures, is what drives his creativity constantly pushing the company to new heights. 

Kimberly Stevenson

Chief Operating Officer,
Associate Broker

Phone: 601-324-5520


“People of excellence go the extra mile to do what's right.”  

- Tony Landcaster -

Like the Gibson brothers, Kim's experience didn't stem from the poultry business. Kim worked as an Executive Legal Assistant for a private law firm in the Midwest before trading trial litigation and preparation to managing American Poultry Company's multi-state footprint. Kim's attention to detail and relentless focus on client relationships is what has truly raised the bar for the company. Along with overseeing the company day-to-day operations, she is often personally involved in farm transactions ensuring that client expectations have not only been met but exceeded. 

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