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Importance of Re-Evaluating your poultry farm loan

The Importance of Re-Evaluating your Poultry Farm Loan:

Lets face the facts, like technology, lending rates and terms change over time. Sometimes you got in at the right time and other times you didn't but that doesn't mean yo are locked into your loan forever. A new loan with different terms could be adjusted to either pay off the farm faster or increase your current cash flow. Given the status of the Federal Reserve and the time period in which you borrowed the funds you might be shocked by the amount of money you could be saving. That's where independent loan experts like Poultry Financial come into play.

Ag Banking, with a focus on Poultry

Independents are loan brokers that shop multiple banks, rates, and terms on behalf of a buyer. As an advisor, they don't work for any one bank and are able to obtain multiple banking options instead of pushing one particular bank's loan package.

Independent loan advisors roll-up their sleeves the second you apply for a loan putting together a "banking package." A typical agricultural banking package will contain; your past flock reports, required farm upgrades, credit history, last 3 years of tax returns, and other items pertaining to your banking needs. All of the information used in a ag banking package will be used in a loan presentation to a multitude of banks in a short period of time getting you the best financial poultry package in the market place.

Poultry Banking advantages when using an independent loan advisor:

Purchasing or refinancing a commercial poultry farm, is often the largest single investment of farmer's lives. Using Poultry Financial's experience as loan brokers, they are able to achieve more favorable loan terms from banks. Independents sort through 100s of lenders in order to choose the right loan to help their clients maximize their wealth over time.

Ask a typical banker to help you compare their loan package to that of their competitors and you will understand the value as an Independent Loan Advisor.
Marcy Hubbs, Senior Lending Advisor

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All loans are subject to availability at the time of application and for terms that meet each individual consumer’s needs and qualification information. Loan applications are subject to credit and property approval.

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