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Pre-Qualified Just to View a Farm?

At American Poultry Company we require the prospective buyer to Pre-Qualify when viewing farms. Sounds a bit crazy doesn't it?

After you read the top 3 reasons below we think you will understand why it’s good for the BUYER and the SELLER.

Bio-Security, deal loss due to timing, and buyer confidence are negated when financially pre-approved

1.) Bio-Security

Every time you visit a farm you bring bacteria with you. We take bio-security seriously and limit the "window shopping" to online marketing.

2.) Negotiations

Pre-Qualified buyers are MUCH more likely to negotiate a good purchasing price. If the seller knows you can afford the farm they typically are open to negotiations.

3.) Buyer List Priority

When we are asked to market and sell a farm, we start with our list of pre-qualified buyers first. Not only do we not want to intrude on the farmer with a parade of unqualified buyers, we want to only contract the farm once, saving everyone time and money.


Getting Pre-Qualified is fast and easy

Simply call or text our office and we will have a poultry lender contact you. Typically, one of our poultry lenders can qualify you over the phone.

Call or Text Today and get on our Qualified List

(601) 300-5320

Applying with one of our "Poultry Lenders" does not imply a contract, relationship, or obligation of any kind. Our Poultry Lenders offer the service, free of charge, to our clients.


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