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Confidential Farm Listings, what gives?

Confidential Farm Listings are farms that are available for purchase but details are not publicly marketed due to privacy or business reasons. In order to understand why Confidential Farm Listings are such a good deal, you need to understand the reason for not fully marketing property to the public.

Reasons for Confidential Farm Listings:

When you sell a home, it’s fairly straightforward; you market the property, you show the property, and you sell the property. But what happens when you are selling a farm that has employees and vendors in the business itself? Selling an income producing farm is vastly different from selling a house. Many owners would rather not open their business and books to the general public. Some of the reasons for not putting the property details on the open market could include:

  1. The Owner doesn’t want to alarm the staff that the business is for sale.

  2. The Owner doesn’t want a multitude of potential buyers touring their farm.

  3. The Owner is selling for financial or other personal reasons and wants to keep things private.

  4. The Owner knows that their type of business will require “picking a replacement,” and understands that owner financing the business to their replacement will be required in order to sell an older farm.

The Best Farms are sometimes Confidential Farm Listings

So, why are Confidential Farm Listings such a good deal? Now that you understand why some owners don’t publicly offer the details of the property for sale, here are some of the positives to purchasing Confidential Farm Listings:

High quality farms are sometimes associated with Confidential Farm Listings as the owner is not in a rush to sell and is maintaining their farm as though it may never sell.

Higher maintenance staff retention due to not having personnel “participate” in the multitude of negotiated offers, all while wondering if the new owner will let them keep their jobs.

Why does American Poultry Company like Confidential Farm Listings as a Real Estate Brokerage?

At American Poultry Company we facilitate both “Confidential” and “Public" listed farm investments.  Both types have their niches but confidential deals are a bit harder to find, as they are not publicly for sale. Over the years we have gained access and trust with owners and secured a top position on their call list; it's one of the reasons we have the largest list of poultry farms in the USA.

How do I find out about farms that are not available to the public? ~Good Question~

The only way to get access to Confidential Farm Listings is to find a real estate brokerage that sells only poultry farms. In 2019, we acquired a number of farms for investors, of which less than 20% were publicly listed for sale. American Poultry Company differs from most real estate companies in that we created the largest list of farms in America and can represent both buyers or sellers in poultry farm transactions.

We built the largest network of poultry farm owners in America.

The above map is a partial list of the farmers in our network. We only show the states in which we currently operate as real estate professionals.

American Poultry Company has the largest network of poultry farmers in America. As a company, we strive to maintain a relationship with every single poultry farmer we meet. If you are interested in buying or selling a farm, look no further. Give American Poultry Company a call today!



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