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How does American Poultry Company sell farms so Fast?

Simply put, We only have one job and we dedicate ourselves to doing that job extremely well every single day. We ONLY sell Poultry Farms!

A Swiss-army style real estate brokerage is an under-performer when compared to the meat cleaver business practice offered by American Poultry Company. Our singular focus brokerage does ONLY one thing and we put all of our energy behind that singular task!

Most brokerages advertise more that one type of property to support their many agent's listings; homes, timberland, lake homes, poultry farms, hunting property, historic homes, and the like.

The problem with this real estate model is that as a brokerage grows it loses it's focus and must now divide it's time and advertising dollars among 10+ property types. Thus they develop a Swiss-army style real estate brokerage.

If everything is important, then nothing is. -Patrick Lencioni

American Poultry takes a different approach. We are able to contract farms at an alarming rate due to our singular focus on Poultry Farms, and nothing else............

If you have a poultry farm and want to sell it, we have a business structure that is radically more efficient than any other brokerage. Our focus translates to more cash in your pocket, due to our extensive farm experience.

If you would like to know more about our brokerage please call or text our office directly. American Poultry Company provides value through advanced marketing technology and unmatched poultry experience. 



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